Poplar Jewelry and loan

Poplar Jewelry & Loan was established in 1995. For over 24 years we have contributed to serving working families and communities by providing a wide range of financial services for people of all ages and backgrounds. As a company, we strive to stay engaged in local activities, charities, sponsorships, community service events, and support local law enforcement – who greatly help protect and preserve our communities. Currently, we operate 2 stores in Maryland.

We pride ourselves in providing high-end customer service with a clean, organized, and professionally run store operations, where you can comfortably browse our shelves and displays. Our managers and sales/loan associates are highly knowledgeable as they can provide you with all the information needed to buy/sell an item or receive a loan. Our stores have a feel that resemble a retail jewelry establishment – with showrooms containing anything from jewelry to electronics/tools to home/garden items to motorcycles/bicycles – and everything in between. One of our primary goals is to provide items/loan services for people from all walks of life. The selection and diversity of our items throughout our stores is constantly changing and being updated – so be sure to check in whenever you can to see what we have in store. You can also check out our eBay store, where many of our items are listed.