How Do I Get a Pawn Loan?

Simply, bring in an item of value and we will loan you cash in return.

If you are in need of a short-term, affordable loan, call or stop in to inquire about our collateral-based loans (also called a pawn loan).

All that is required is your ID* and some type of collateral. We’ll fairly assess your item(s) and based on the value of the item we will make you an offer. If you accept, we’ll input your ID into our system to produce your pawn contract. No Credit Check is required! We can give you a cash loan on the spot. It is a great way to obtain cash fast without having to outright sell any of your prized possessions. Your item is then safely stored until you return to pick it up.

The process is easy, convenient, and will never affect or impact your credit score/history. Our customers come from all walks of life as we pride ourselves in catering to anyone who is in need of our services.

Swing by one of our stores with an ID and one of our staff members will fairly value your item(s) of choice to see if it can cover the cash you are requesting. We determine the loan amount based on the item and its condition – then we can write up a loan and offer you the best deal we can come up with. Furthermore, we will securely stash away your item(s) until you return to pick it up at a designated date.